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Forklift Hire short/long term

Please call 01462 338118 or email office@bellforklifts.co.uk

We’ve a large range of Electric, Gas or Diesel forklifts, Specialist Warehouse Equipment, Access Platforms, Telehandlers, Rough Terrain forklifts available for hire, plus trucks in stock for sale. A selection is listed here. Please contact us  by completing the enquiry form below, email to office@bellforklifts.co.uk or by calling 01462 338118.

  • Warehouse Equipment available to hire
    Warehouse Equipment available to hire

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We supply/supply & fit Forklift Tyres. Call 01462 338118 or 07548 555041

Forklift tyres fitting
Forklift tyres supplied and fitted nationwide. 01462338118 or 07548555041

New Forklift Tyres supplied & fitted NATIONWIDE. 

We have an efficient streamlined service, so using us could save you money without compromising on quality or safety.

We cover the whole of the UK through a network of depots – no ‘call-out’ or distance charges apply! Our service to you includes supply & fitting of brand new tyres and disposal of the old removed tyres too if required. Or if you only need the tyres without fitting, no problem! No matter where you are located, we can help.

For pricing enquiries complete the form below, message via WhatsApp on 07548 555041, call on 01462 338118 or email tyres@bellforklifts.co.uk

The tyres are the only parts of a fork lift truck that are always in contact with the ground. They provide grip for movement, friction for braking and an element of suspension for safety and comfort. The correct tyres in good condition are an essential aid to safe and efficient operations. The wrong tyres for the application, or tyres in poor condition or excessively worn, are a potentially dangerous and expensive hazard.

If you need new forklift tyres please call 01462 338118, email tyres@bellforklifts.co.uk or fill out the contact form below. 

If the tyres are not excessively worn or damaged it may be possible to request our tyre re-cutting service. New wheels can also be supplied and fitted, and we also supply forklift parts.