Forklift Tyres supplied & fitted NATIONWIDE. Call 01462 338118 for quote/booking/help or order directly here

New Forklift Tyres supplied & fitted NATIONWIDE. 

We have an efficient streamlined service which saves you money.

We don’t charge ‘Per Tyre’ fitting charges!

For orders and enquiries please call us on 01462 338118 or email

More and more companies are using Bell Forklift Trucks Ltd for their forklift tyres. Contact us, we could save you time, money and effort.

New Industrial Tyres supplied and fitted quickly and efficiently at your premises. The removed old tyres will be taken away from site for disposal – no mess, no fuss.

We have tyres to cater for all demands from Budget (for trucks used infrequently), Mid-range right through to Premium tyres for trucks in constant use applications. Also available are non-marking tyres for clean floor environments, Anti-Static for specialised applications. Solid, Pneumatic and Press-On Bands.

The tyres are the only parts of a fork lift truck that are always in contact with the ground. They provide grip for movement, friction for braking and an element of suspension for safety and comfort. The correct tyres in good condition are an essential aid to safe and efficient operations. The wrong tyres
for the application, or tyres in poor condition or excessively worn, are a potentially dangerous and expensive hazard.

For help with your requirements please call 01462 338118, email or fill out the contact form below. 

Tyre Re-cutting service available. New wheels can also be supplied and fitted.